Believe Big

The annual Believe Big fundraiser at the Baltimore harbor was magical. The bright yellow sunflowers reflected the bright uplifting attitude of the founders, the volunteers and staff of Believe Big. Women commented on Dr. Nasha’s orange shoes, which were symbolic of Optimal Terrain. The comments included, ‘great shoes’, ‘step out in style’, ‘glad to see that you don’t hide within the ordinary’. These comments were made before the event with people not knowing that Dr. Nasha was the keynote speaker.

The grand ballroom was near maximum capacity with close to 1,000 attendees and the onsite media group was extensive. During Dr. Nasha’s presentation it was surprising, and heart warming, to hear the audience shouting out ‘yes, yes’! or ‘right on’! Her presentation ended with a standing ovation, a first in five years!

Some memorable quotes from her speech:

“It is easy to be seduced by the idea that any one of these individuals found a miracle‬ in a single treatment—however, they approached their‪ cancering‬ process, as did I, by exploring ALL parts of their mind‬, body‬‪‎spirit‬, diet and lifestyle that needed attention.”

“Most of my patients told me they were “healthy” until diagnosed with‪ cancer‬ And yet, I can’t think of a single case where that is true…”

“So I leave YOU with the granddaddy of all questions, beyond the stories, beyond my own experience, beyond all the “things” we can do, take, treat or remove: What is cancer‬ trying to heal in you?”

The audience’s participation throughout the evening and afterwards illustrated this was not a typical fundraiser, this was a family whose life was profoundly touched by Believe Big, whose determination was fueled by the Johns Hopkins clinical trial and whose hope was inspired by Dr. Nasha’s authentic presence and heartfelt words.

Indeed it was Believe Big!

 – Dr. Christina Compton