For those of you that may have missed the Q&A yesterday (or those of you that just want to listen in again!) below is a recording:

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Also, here is a link to her website for more information!
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A little about Kari…

Following the federal government shutdown over healthcare, there is a new kind of health insurance called Green-Surance Financial founded by CEO Kari Gray, who is “paying it forward” in an innovative way.

Helping people across the U.S. achieve healthcare coverage for alternative treatment in catastrophic illness with holistic health insurance is a vision Kari had when facing terminal liver cancer 23 years ago.

Left with certain death confirmed by two diagnoses, Kari chose to try an alternative treatment practitioner whose assurance was if she acted quickly and followed a holistic plan of action, costly though it would be, she had a chance.

Thousands of dollars later, and despite having health insurance, claims for the battery of herbs and treatments required by the holistic regime were denied by the health insurance carrier as “non-standard treatment.”

Treatments classified as non-standard by both the insurance and medical systems, though, saved her life. Today as an insurance professional, Kari developed the first holistic health insurance coverage empowering free people with the right to never before insured choice. Coverage for alternative treatment in a catastrophic illness is what the vision–and now the reality called Green-Surance–provides.