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I know it’s not Thanksgiving, Christmas or even the end of the year, but friends Believe Big need’s your help today! 

We are working hard to begin the Mistletoe Clinical Trial so that this therapy can be offered as standard of care in Oncology and can be covered by insurance. Until that occurs, there are patients today who need our help to make this care accessible. In most cases Mistletoe therapy is completely out of pocket and because we know the strain that patients are facing financially, we offer Wellness Grants so those in need can use this highly effective treatment. Patients are able to afford this care because youhave helped to make it possible!

The need for Wellness Grants has increased by 300%!  We are honored to help so many patients in need but we have hit a critical point where we are almost out of grant funds and it’s only the end of August!  We are one of the few organizations that give financial assistance to cancer patients and we don’t want to say “no” to any patient that needs our help.

I am asking you today to please help us with a gift of any amount. Let us pay it forward and ease the financial burden of a patient and their family. To support Believe Big and all of the patients in need of Mistletoe therapy please click below to donate to Believe Big:

or text OVERCOME to 91999.

We are so appreciative of the generosity of our donors. Without your help and support we would be unable to help patients and their families face, fight and overcome cancer. You are truly making a difference in the lives of others!

Thank you!