“Road Trip Cuisine”

By Dr. Nasha

No—-dogs are NOT on the menu!  Having these two new love nuggets for less than a week (meet Mitra and Moji!) made it VERY challenging to hop in a car to drive to San Diego for the week.

Papa keeps sending loads of pictures and videos though which helps!

These are the types of goodies I travel with (no liquids for flights, but the rest is airplane friendly (I usually have single serving packets of olives as well).  I like the salt and crunch of the truffle almonds and nori, the savory turkey jerky and the fat bomb party in your mouth Pili Nuts!  The Kevita tops off my probiotic quota on the long drive!

When on the road, I source health food stores—-the San Diego score today was Jimbo’s—-I could have spent hours in there!  I had a 16 ounce home made organic chicken bone broth for breakfast along with a fresh pressed cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger, kale juice.  De-LISH! So nice after the day before long drive made worse by brutal winds.  Rehydrated, refreshed and recharged!  The things I look for to stock my hotel room must fit in the tiny fridge and be user friendly.  I order the Vital Choice tuna packets and Black Botija Peruvian Olives from Barefoot Provisions and today scored on some gorgeous sunflower sprouts, avocado and organic French cucumbers.  Also stumbled upon a new paleo wrap that I will have tomorrow!
Snack ideas or when you are simply too lazy to prepare anything is as simple as “Nori Tacos” or an avocado with salt and pepper.  The Nori Tacos have avocado and sprouts.  Replenishing my depleted magnesium with this lil’ ditty!
And when I have the ability to drive, I bring everything but the kitchen sink—-like a French press, glass hot water heater, hand held blender, pocket knife, spork, Himalayan sea salt and pepper, assorted bags of tea and organic ground coffee.  When in doubt, I always bring this coconut creamer, but I was able to find some REALLY good “milk” options at Jimbo’s today—-Raw whole whipping cream and a pure almond milk—-nothing but almonds, sea salt and filtered water.  GREAT for a chocolate collagen protein powder smoothie!  I can also whip up a little Bullet Proof coffee or tea with all these options.  Even brought a small container of Brain Octane MCT oil.  Dave Asprey would be proud!
So when folks tell me it is too hard to eat while traveling, I say HOOEY!  Half the fun is just being creative!  The other half is being well-nourished and being able to thrive in the midst of a jam-packed conference in which I am also presenting twice!  Got to be on my game!
Look for more ideas like this in our upcoming book “The Metabolic Approach To Cancer” where Jess Higgins-Kelley, MNT and I dispel a lot of food myths and inspire you to make better choices to fuel that body of yours!