By Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

I consult exclusively with clients and practitioners who are dealing with diagnoses of cancer. I published The Metabolic Approach to Cancer last year. I have such a specific niche within integrative oncology that people are always surprised when I talk about other conditions—things like children’s health, digestive health, or autoimmune disease.

That is exactly what I did in a recent interview with Sharon Saylor. Sharon has an autoimmune condition and hosts a podcast called the Autoimmune Hour. When she read the Metabolic Approach to Cancer, she decided that it should be called “The Metabolic Approach to Everything.” We laughed, but there is some truth to this.

We could say that the metabolic approach, explained in the book I authored with Jess Higgins Kelley, applies to all types of people with all categories of health or disease. That is because the metabolic approach does not treat disease. It builds the body from the ground up. It deeply nourishes the cells. It supports healthy structure and function of the mitochondria, the digestion, the hormones, and the detoxification systems. Supporting healthy metabolism is like laying a solid foundation for a home. When the foundation is in place, the entire structure will be stronger.

So when I talk with people about autoimmune disease, my suggestions are similar to those I make for people with cancer. In my interview on the Autoimmune Hour, we talked about the common denominators of a healthful diet. Things like whole foods, healthy fats, 10 to 15 servings of vegetables every day, and low carbohydrate intake. These common denominators support metabolic flexibility—a concept that benefits not only people with cancer but all people

In the interview on the Autoimmune Hour, we sort out fact from fiction on a lot of hot topics. We touch on the controversies over apple cider vinegar and the acid-alkaline diet. We talk about bone broth, butter, bacon fat, and water filters. Get all of these details, and more, by listening to the full podcast here:

Podcast on the Autoimmune Hour