Earlier this month, Dr. Nasha Winters was interviewed on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. The episode, titled Kick Cancer’s Ass with Keto (#528) aired yesterday.

If you have never heard Dr. Nasha speak, this interview is the place to start. If you know her well and have listened to her dozens of times, this is still an interview that is not to be missed. Every time she takes to the microphone, Dr. Nasha delivers juicy pearls of insight that you have never heard anywhere else.

The interview on Bulletproof Radio will take you on a journey from Dr. Nasha’s personal experience with ovarian cancer at the age of 19 to the role of trauma in disease to the molecular underpinnings of how cancer cells and ketones interact. You will be wowed by the science and inspired by the promise it brings. Despite all statistics and odds of recovery, Dr. Nasha eloquently expresses that nobody needs to be “put into a box of possibilities…”

Dr. Nasha’s integrative approach to health and healing shines brighter than ever in this interview with Dave Asprey. She laughs that her grandmother thought she was going to a school of witchcraft when she went to naturopathic medical school and refers to herself as a “scientist first” and a “woo-woo practitioner” second. The way she weaves two often conflicting worlds of medicine into one is truly something to be heard.

Be sure you listen to the end. You will be floored by how Dr. Nasha pulls the entire conversation together with a great reveal about the emerging science on mistletoe—and what mistletoe might have to do with the opioid and endorphin receptors in our brains. Links to listen to Dr. Nasha on Bulletproof Radio are below.


Kick Cancer’s Ass with Keto: Dr. Nasha Winters #528 can be found on the Bulletproof Blog as well as on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Clarification: Dave Asprey refers to Dr. Nasha as the “former CEO” of Optimal Terrain Consulting. She is actually the current CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting as well as the co-founder of Terrain10.