A Healthier Valentine Treat


In honor of Valentine’s Day, in lieu of giving your friends, family or significant other flowers that die or chocolates that are often too high in sugar, I encourage you to opt for something that builds intimacy, connection, nourishment, health, laughter, love and joy – the act of creating and sharing a meal with your loved ones.

Steve and I are excited for our friends TJ and Amanda as they launch their new cookbook, “Kitchen Chemistry.” We know their message and menus are very timely in a world where fast food and convenience and over connection on social media and under connection in the home, reigns. The love language in our home revolves around sourcing quality food, creating inspired meals and sharing in the tender preparation and delicious nourishment all while finding time in our busy lives to connect.

“Kitchen Chemistry” will include more than 100 paleo recipes focusing on healthy desserts and gluten free meals with tips on how to share intimacy with your partner. TJ and Amanda hope to inspire better health and relationships through cooking and creating in the kitchen together!

This Valentine’s Day, please consider following TJ and Amanda and supporting them by pre-ordering their cookbook for a Valentine’s gift to yourself or your partner or creating your own recipe and meal to share with a loved one.

Since Steve and I are in Mexico this Valentine’s and aren’t fully equipped to bake dessert, we are sharing trips to local farmer’s markets and drinking keto margarita’s while we watch the sunset over the ocean together!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours from me and mine!