Seven Ways to “BeSuper” and Optimize Your Terrain Every Day

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, The MaxLove Project held their annual fundraiser at Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California and I was so honored to be in attendance. With a mission to improve the odds for children in treatment for and those who have survived cancer, the work of this incredible organization is very near and dear to my heart. 

The MaxLove Project acknowledges that diversity of care gives every child the best chance for survival and thriving when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Treating cancer — in children and adults — is about so much more than just attacking cancer cells in the body. All areas of a child’s development are affected when a cancer diagnosis is made. The extensive list of potential lifelong health risks to children who survive cancer have a serious impact on social and emotional health and development as well.

As you, my friends, know — The Terrain Ten is all about whole body healing. When we tweak and tend to our bodies — the Terrain within which all health and disease is cultivated — like a garden that requires preparation and maintenance in order to yield maximum health well-being. Some of the ways we do this are by eating whole, natural healthy foods, following a healthy sleep routine, and surrounding ourselves with loving, supportive friends and family. (More on all of this in my book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer).

But beyond identifying challenges for children who fight cancer, The MaxLove Project is all about finding solutions. And the solutions they offer are ones we can all use to improve our overall health and lives, whether or not cancer is a part of them. 

They call their technique “The BeSuper Daily Path to Thriving” and it provides real tools we can all use to improve our Terrain — body, mind and spirit — every single day, in sickness and in health.

    1. Boost Yourself With Super Thoughts: The power of positive thinking can never be overestimated as a way to improve health
    2. Eat Super Fierce Foods: The foods we eat are the most important way to prepare our Terrain for optimal health.
    3. Sleep Super Peacefully: Observing circadian rhythm and making sleep a priority are critical for building mental and physical strength and maintaining an Optimal Terrain.
    4. Unleash Your Super Strength: A regular fitness and exercise routine will strengthen your body and mind, helping with all other areas of the BeSuper system.
    5. Practice Super Mindfulness: Centering your mind and preparing for peace are powerful acts toward strengthening your Terrain.
    6. Engage Your Super Community: None of us are an island. Reaching out to and trusting in friends and loved ones to support us every day strengthens us when we need it the most.
    7. Refresh Your Super Surroundings: Detoxifying your home and surroundings is a powerful practice for every person, particularly those fighting health challenges like cancer.

Fighting cancer isn’t something we have to wait to do until we get sick. As The MaxLove Project and I know, optimizing our Terrain is a challenge we undertake every day in many different ways. With this list, I hope you can start making positive changes to your Terrain each and every day. Together, we can all fight cancer one day at a time.

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Thanks so much for the “pep talk”, a great reminder to re-focus my resolve.

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