Ketogenic Diet + Fasting = Increased Metabolic Flexibility

After two crazy weeks on the road traveling back from Mexico, a few too many margaritas and a celebratory Mother’s Day feast, my sister in law Janet Ottersberg, and hubby, Steve Ottersberg, embarked on a 5 day fast.

It is very difficult to knock me out of ketosis these days but I managed to do it!

I don’t have photos from all my readings but my ketones were zero on day one and glucose high for me at 87. Yesterday morning on day 4, feeling awesome sauce, my glucose was 63 and AM ketones we’re 3.2. This morning, on day 5, my glucose 68 and ketones 4.4 (ketone levels are lowest in the morning so I will let you know what they are this afternoon:) Steve got to 75 glucose—his lowest ever and ketones of 2.2 and Janet hit her highest ketones ever at 2.5.

We all feel great and it was fun to do as a family!!! We all had our morning coffee, tons of water, some apple cider vinegar in the water, matcha fasting tea from Pique teas and two nights we had bone broth because it was chilly. Maintained our heavy work loads and daily exercise routines with no problem!!!

My new Keto-Mojo GKI meter is on the way but I believe I nailed it in this fast! Feels so dang good!! Best way to boost immunity, lower inflammation, increase metabolic flexibility and enhance mental clarity!!! We are a household on fire right now!!!

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Comments (2)

Hi Dr Nasha,
Great article. I have loved tracking my ketones on the keto mojo. I am up to 6 on my fast! Any tips for coming out of an extended fast? There’s a lot on the internet about this but not so much relating to those actively cancering. This is my first (successful) extended water fast- 4 days!- and I want to resume eating with some cancer-fighters not feeders. I don’t really know what to eat for max benefits. Any advice?! Thank you!

Thank you Kate for your comment. We would recommend you to get Dr. Jason Fung’s book on intermittent fasting as it gives a variety of ways to fast, support the fast, break the fast, etc, depending on the individual.

Start with that book and then reach out to Dr. Mindy Pelz who offers a free online FB group/forum to guide peeps through fasting. It is a wealth of info that you can tap into the archives to answer these questions as well.

Best wishes and prayers over you on your healing journey!

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