May News from Dr. Nasha

Happy May, friends! I hope you’ve been able to spend time in the fresh air May has brought us.

This month, Steve and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and 29 years of sharing life together!

As we nestle back in the U.S. and I reflect on this month, I can’t help but think about the gift shelter-in-place has been for each of us. image Though we have certainly faced challenges throughout the lockdown, there have also been many lessons learned.

We’ve been offered a chance to rest and to grow in ways we never saw coming and that, my friends, is a gift.

I encourage you to spend some time reflecting as well and ask yourself these questions regarding the COVID lockdown:

  • What have I learned?
  • In what ways have I grown?
  • What lessons, growth, memories do I want to hold onto?
  • What do I need to let go of?

Also, with so many graduations, weddings, travels and other rites of passage on hold, postponed or cancelled, it’s a good time to evaluate these new beginnings and endings in our own lives.

Some additional questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What am I graduating from?
  • What am I willing to marry into in the next iteration?

These are precisely the questions I am asking myself. I am spending each day pondering on what I want to leave behind, what new gifts I am carrying forward and what my hopeful vision of the future looks like.

I hope you enjoy the photos of us settling back in and the land that will someday house the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health! Have a blessed June!