[Encore] Strengthen vagus nerve function… in ONE weekend

The Mind, Body & Vagus Nerve Connection Summit encore weekend is underway — the “top-voted” talks are listed below — all talks are unlocked TODAY through Monday at 10am U.S. Eastern (New York time)!

At this amazing health event, we learned that the vagus nerve plays a key role in areas such as heart rate, breathing rate, gastrointestinal peristalsis, sweating, detoxification, immune system function and more. Because you cannot properly heal when your nervous system is out of whack, optimal vagus nerve function is critical to maintaining one’s health and longevity. Get the vagus nerve ACTIVATION strategies you need to bring your healing to the next level. —>

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Find a few minutes to learn from the “FAN FAVORITE” talks:

+ Symptoms & Root Causes of Vagus Nerve Dysfunction, Dr. Navaz Habib
+ Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton + Vagus Nerve Stimulation w/ Essential Oils, Jodi Cohen
+ Balancing Neurotransmitters to Optimize Vagus Function, Trudy Scott
+ Foods That Lower Your Vagal Tone, Tom O’Bryan
+ Connecting Vagus Nerve, Emotions & Gut Function, Niki Gratrix
+ And more!

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I hope you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn… for free!

P.S. I encourage you to find time in your schedule to catch 2-3 of the “featured” talks — you’ll see how incredible this event truly is!