The WIM HOF Method – 10-Day Challenge

“The breath is a door. It’s where all life begins.”

The 10-day challenge. Our goal: practice conscious breathing.

This part of the challenge might seem super-simple … but is it easy? Many people find it to be surprisingly tough. That’s because we’re trying to rewrite an entire lifetime of unconscious habit. Nothing easy about that! Don’t miss Wim’s instructional video on the Challenge page.

These are a few more tips that you might find useful: Set reminders for yourself. Whether you use your mobile device, post-it notes, or some other method (like adding your new Wim Hof screen wallpaper to your phone or laptop), let these reminders help you keep up with your conscious breathing practice. Conscious breathing is great for relieving stress, so use it whenever you feel stressed out. It’s also great for enhancing moments of joy. Any time you feel happy or content, try using your conscious breathing to savor the moment. Do it any time you’re thinking about breathing. Like right now! Take a few deep, conscious breaths. Feels good, right?


Stick with it, be forgiving of yourself, and don’t give up. Building new habits is about practice, practice, practice. We’ll be checking back tomorrow as the Challenge continues. Together on the journey, Your friends at Sounds True

P.S. If you haven’t downloaded your free gifts of the Wim Hof audio, screen background, and poster, here’s the link >

Source: Soundstrue.com