A New Year Awaits!

Unless you are living under a rock, you are likely aware that today (Dec.21), there is a special STAR (the Bethlehem Star from the Nativity story) will be the most visible it’s been in 800 years! And here’s the thing, it’s really not a star at all.

The bright light is caused when Jupiter & Saturn move very close together for just a short time. The magnitude of this event will be a once in a lifetime experience to behold. This unique event holds special significance for the astronomer as well as the spiritually inclined.

As we cross the threshold from the shortest day of the year to the return of light in the Northern Hemisphere it is an opportunity to take inventory of the events and insights of your year and what you want to leave behind and take into the next.

How do you see it? At dusk for the next 3 weeks it will be visible as the 2 planets get closer & closer together, but they are closest & brightest on December 21st (TODAY!) before they again start moving away from each other. Look for an area that is clear of any bright street lights, buildings or trees as a clear view of the horizon is required. After the sun sets & it begins to get dark (about 45 minutes after sunset), if you live in the Northern Hemisphere look to the west-southwest right above the horizon line. you will see 2 bright lights very close together…that’s it! That’s “The Star”. I see this as a beautiful reminder, in the midst of the chaos and darkness of 2020, that there is a light here that is still with us & can guide us on our paths.

So, perhaps take a moment this evening, searching on the horizon for this magnificent event, and lay down some intentions for the coming months. The truth is, we don’t really need to wait for a miracle, perfect moment, or a sign, to choose a different reality. It is in our power, every single day, to create and share your purpose. Merry, Happy Everything!