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Say hello to Keto Kind! I am super excited to share with you this product! Keto Kind is a plant-based, ready-to-drink ketogenic shake designed to help you along your keto journey.

Made from minimal high-quality ingredients, Keto Kind is a whole food based nutritional shake to complement your low carb meals while staying in ketosis. The shakes are made from healthy fats like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconuts and avocado oil, a moderate amount of protein from pea, and no sugar!

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They come in two delicious flavors: Vanilla Bean and Cacao. Keto Kind contains no artificial flavorings or sweeteners, additives, sugar alcohols, or vegetable/seed oils, and all of the ingredients are plant-based and certified organic.

As a scientific advisor to Keto Kind, I’ll share with you this link to their Kickstarter where you will be able to learn more and for a very limited time get amazing deals for this new product.

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I am looking forward to hearing from all of you as you try Keto Kind!

You can learn more by checking out their website here or following them on Medium or Instagram!


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