Hello Spring

Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere is a sign of new beginnings as the dormant seeds emerge from the resting soil, reaching for sunlight.

Hello SpringThough I spend my winter nights in a warmer climate these days, I still feel the hum of the spring season. My cells recognize this as an opportunity for dusting off the mental cobwebs and to cleanse out anything stagnant from my life. I crave fresh foods, more time in nature, and feeling the exuberance for fellow humans as we venture out from hibernation.

A year ago, we were being driven into another form of hibernation and isolation, so this year feels particularly rejuvenating, albeit cautiously optimistic.

What are you cleansing right now and what is sprouting in your life?

Photo above is a pan seared red snapper with caper, lemon, butter sauce, fresh salad greens, roasted brussels with a balsamic and olive oil glaze. Here is a recipe you can try too for red snapper. Shop and support your local farmers markets for the best organic options.