Dr. Bouchard
October 15th-17th
Dr. Lori Brouchard, Graduate of Dr. Nasha Winters Mastermind Course is hosting a Virtual Breakthrough Medicine Conference, featuring Dr. Nasha Winters & Steve Ottersberg, for practitioners, advocates, patients, family & loved ones. Starting Friday, October 15th at 9AM EST.

The virtual Breakthrough Medicine Conference 2021 is a 3 day live event with top experts in natural health sharing wisdom, experience, protocols and practical tools to help you enhance patient care for advanced and complex cases…and further your impact on the lives of your patients and your community.

The virtual Breakthrough Medicine Conference is the first of its kind, hosting 25 Top Natural Health Experts with a focus on Advanced Solutions for Complex Diseases. This 3 day online conference starts October 15th-17th and offers amazing talks and insights into complex cases and practical disease management.

Registration for this event will allow you access to the 30+ hours of education over 3 days plus ongoing access to the talks as a resource once the event is over for one year. All from the comfort of your own home!

To register for this event click here: www.breakthroughmedicineconference.com