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Starting 11/15/21, medical and allied healthcare workers can enroll in a brand-new elective module being offered by Nutrition Network (NN). The new module will focus on the application of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR) to various conditions.
The new module, called Nutritional Paradigms for Treating Chronic Disease, will examine the emerging evidence behind how TCR can be applied to various conditions in detail. Through its expert speaker line up, it shares alternative ways to treat disease, specifically through nutritional intervention, and will look at the different versions of TCR, such as the carnivore and ketogenic diets.
Dr Nasha’s lecture is titled “Keto & Beyond for Cancer: Mastering Metabolic Flexibility.”
She discusses the history of nutritional recommendations, what nutrition is being recommended for cancer today and what nutritional intervention changes will be made for the optimal metabolic treatment of cancer patients.