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FREE Q&A: Mistletoe, Herbs, and Keto Diet in Cancer Treatment & Prevention

July 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


This live Q&A is YOUR chance to get your questions answered by a cancer specialist who has been practicing for over 2 decades.

REGISTER TODAY: https://allevents.in/online/free-qanda-mistletoe-herbs-and-keto-diet-in-cancer-treatment-and-prevention/10000106275029474

About this Event

Many of us have been pained by the horrible word “cancer” in our lives. Either by ourselves, or with loved ones. Nearly 50% of the population is expected to have cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that there are many incredible, integrative, holistic approaches that are evolving, including the use of mistletoe, cannabis, or other herbs based in Ayurveda that Western-trained doctors are increasingly learning about and including in their practices.

Dr. Nasha Winters, Author of , is a leading force in this integrative approach to balancing your body and working with it to adapt the environment to not allow cancer cells to proliferate.


This online event will be a LIVE Q&A with Dr. Nasha Winters and YOUR chance to ask questions!

Registered event attendees will receive a link to submit their questions in advance to ensure they get addressed.

Potential question topics:

  • What do we know about mistletoe, cannabis, and other herbs in relation to cancer treatment and prevention?
  • How is the ketogenic diet implicated in cancer?
  • What is metabolic flexibility and how can we optimize it?
  • How is cancer related to metabolism, genetics, and stress?
  • What can you do to combat and prevent cancer?
  • What is the COVID/cancer connection?

This Q&A is YOUR chance to speak to a cancer specialist who has been in this space for more than two decades!


Dr. Nasha Winters ND, FABNO, L.Ac, Dipl.OM and CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting is a sought-after luminary and a global healthcare authority in integrative cancer research who consults with physicians around the world bridging ancient therapies with advancements in modern medicine in the digital era.

A personal journey with cancer and a medical career spanning over 25 years has Dr. Nasha on a mission to educate and empower the nearly fifty percent of the population expected to have cancer in their lifetime. She is a global healthcare authority in integrative cancer research bridging ancient therapies with advancements in modern medicine. Prevention is the only cure.

She is an author of an incredible book, , and has some great resources on her website, drnasha.com



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NOTE: Registered attendees will be emailed the webinar link prior to the event.