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Infections: Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Protocols is online and FREE from August 22-28, 2022.

August 22, 2022 - August 28, 2022

Dr. Nasha will be presenting at this conference:

The Importance of Mindset in Healing Chronic Infections and Disease

  • Why is mindset important when facing chronic infections?
  • Mindset, vagus nerve, brain-gut connection
  • Understanding sympathetic nervous system overstimulation

When it comes to chronic infections, there are different lenses through which we can look at health and disease…

Modern Western medicine utilizes diagnostic testing, and if we’re sick, we’re given medication to kill the pathogen. When those tests return to normal, we’re seen as healthy again. Another view, according to some of the latest scientific research, is that sickness can be related to emotions, stress or past trauma and can be addressed through relaxation and mindfulness. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views the physical and emotional aspects of illness as a full picture; symptoms are seen as part of a unique pattern when determining a combination of herbs, lifestyle modifications, movement, acupuncture and emotional/trauma work to promote healing. You don’t just target the infection, you also build the body’s energy.

This is a new way of looking at healing for many, though these practices are centuries years old. Learn how TCM practices combined with familiar and emerging protocols can help keep your immune system strong!

—>>Join me at the complimentary and online Infections: Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Protocols!

Christopher Motley, DC, DABCA, PAK, has spent the last few months gathering the right experts, information and protocols to help you understand how the secrets and practices of acupuncture, lifestyle change, the horary cycle, emotional release, TCM herbs and therapeutics (and more!) can help get you back on the road to vibrant wellness! He’s here to help you by sharing that wisdom. Be sure to mark your calendar for August 22-28, 2022!

P.S. When you register for Infections: Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Protocols, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!




August 22, 2022
August 28, 2022


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