Practitioner Master Course

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Cancer patients across the globe are looking for the Terrain approach to their Cancer
treatment, described in the book Metabolic Approach to Cancer. Dr. Nasha Winters has developed this master course to train and educate fellow practitioners on this approach with the goal of meeting the high demand of patients looking for an MATC certified practitioner.

Most Valuable Takeaways According to Graduates

Credible Language to use

Top drivers for different cancers.


Guidance on implementing a metabolic approach to cancer to deeply analyze each individual’s case.

Action oriented

New ideas for basic testing & reading labs.


Template for working with patients.

Top Vetted therapies

Like a “cheat sheet” for every patient!



There are many nuances and intricacies of implementing a metabolic approach to cancer. Dr. Nasha will guide you to deeply analyze each individual’s case. 


Cancer treatment options evolve quickly. Dr. Nasha will guide you to choose the best therapies. 


Feel confident in meeting each patient where they are in the moment and get equipped to guide them on a path to health.

Join A Global Community

You will be working with like-minded practitioners, changing the way medicine is practiced from a tumor-focus to a patient-centric, data informed, outcomes-based approach. You will be lowering recurrence rates, improving quality of life and eventually, preventing cancer all together. This master course is just the start. If you have a passion to change the face of cancer, join our mission, join our community and be a part of changing the standard.
Dr. Nasha Winters, Founder & CEO


Dr. Nasha Winters, has been on a personal journey with cancer since 1991. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. Dr. Nasha travels the world to explore integrative cancer clinics, vet cancer protocols for research projects, speak at conferences, and meet with colleagues to help them apply metabolic approaches with their patients.

Steve Ottersberg is a Biochemist by training and entrepreneur by trait with over 30 years of leading disruption in the medical community.

Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi is not only a reputable, well established Functional Medicine clinical Oncologist but also she’s an international speaker, a mentor, and a pioneer in the field of Functional medicine and integrative Oncology.

After she graduated from Kasr El Aini School of Medicine – Cairo University, she carried on with her dream of healing people by not only stopping at the conventional setting but by researching and applying unorthodox scientifically proven methods.

In April 2014, after 13 years of practicing clinical Oncology at the most reputable cancer centres in Egypt and in collaboration with Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris, Dr. Wafaa decided to establish AWARE clinic to be the first ever foundation for Functional Medicine Awareness & Prevention in the Middle East and Africa.

Pursuing her new Career and Passion in Functional Medicine in Collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM ,USA , Dr. Wafaa works with her patients on encouraging Lifestyle modifications through following solid methodologies and individualized Protocols as she believes that there is no one magic pill fits all. Diseases do not happen overnight and so does healing,

Dr. Wafaa is also a certified international Health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN, USA and that enables her to establish the trust and compassion needed in order to work with her patients as a team.

Dr. Petra practices Deutenomics, a new field in medicine that covers the science of autonomic deuterium discrimination in nature and specifically in the human body. It is based on the foundational concept that describes how water moves in our bodies. Water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen contains a single positively charged proton. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi stated that life is about recycling protons, the more effectively they move, the more efficient our bodies function. Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen that is naturally present in all water. If deuterium concentration in our body exceeds healthy levels, mitochondrial dysfunction is the result. Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root of 80% to 95% of all chronic disease we see today including immune system dysfunction, diabetes, cancer, neurocognitive decline, cardiovascular disease and autoimmunity.


Dr. Boros holds a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the Albert Szent-Györgyi School of Medicine, Szeged, Hungary and is currently a Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine. Dr. Boros is the co-inventor of the targeted 13C tracer fate association study (TTFAS) platform to study the oncoisotope role of deuterium and its depletion (deupletion) by mitochondrial matrix water exchange reactions to prevent oncoisotopic cell transformation by deuterium. He also established mitochondrial quantum vacuum as the prime driving force of all life related energy producing biochemical events via the quantum destabilization of hydrogen ions, i.e. protons in water and gas that are compromised by deuterium, hence deuterium depletion is a critical process to maintain health and longevity.


Testimonies from our program graduates:

Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi pic 2-sqr
Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, MD, IFMCP

­­­­­­­I have come to know Dr Nasha Winters like many others online, through following her work. Until one day, I had the chance of meeting this beautiful soul in one of the Integrative Medicine Meetings in Germany and my love for her grew stronger. She is a wealth of information and an inspiration. Her knowledge is backed up by the latest Scientific data and a decade of experience. I knew I had to approach her to be my mentor! Being a clinical Oncologist myself and a Functional Medicine Doctor, I knew this was the right next step. Dr Nasha’s mentorship offers most of the answers- if not all- regarding the systematic thinking in a case of cancer patient whether for Prevention, adjuvant or metastatic setting. Applying an integrative approach to cancer patients without looking at the patients Terrain upon which the cancer has thrived is not effective and can cause recurrences eventually with a poor quality of life. However, following Dr Nasha’s step by step guidance in approaching a case of cancer made me feel more confident even with the hardest cases and now I am doing my best to support my patients using both worlds of Conventional and Naturopathic ways, I am honored to be the first wave on her mentorship  program with great like minded colleagues that have grown very close to my heart and our family is growing bigger by the day, Thank you Dr Nasha!


It is hard to review the Oncology mastermind without also bringing up my admiration and love for Dr.Nasha Winters – but I will try to separate the two. Dr.Nasha Winters is the real deal – she walks the walk and talks the talk. She is pure heart and soul and makes you want to be better and do better. She motivates and encourages and is slowly changing the oncology world. This course is her life’s work. It teaches you the why, the how and the when of a metabolic approach to cancer. I feel more confident and capable after this course in my approach to oncology patients. There is so much information shared that I will be reviewing for months to come and using it as my guide when making individual decisions for every patient. I feel honored to have been part of this mastermind – it has forever changed my practice and approach. Thank you Dr. Nasha Winters.

Naturopathic Doctor

I met Dr. Nasha at an integrative oncology conference held by the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians in 2012.  I was immediately blown away by her enthusiasm for finding the best way to help patients survive cancer and assist the conventional therapies for cancer.  From that point on, I absorbed every tidbit of information that she graciously shared with her audiences.  Metabolic Approach was so novel in its methods of evaluating a patient and devising treatment plans that more appropriately addressed their needs.  When she spoke of creating a course to train doctors, I immediately told her that I would be one of her first students.  I am incredibly happy to say that upon completion of the didactic portion of the program, I find it has been the best use of my time and money towards furthering my education in integrative oncology.  The amount of wisdom and knowledge that was shared during this course was immeasurable in its actual worth.  I feel more confident in helping my patients navigate their cancer journey by having more tools to assess their situation and address their symptoms.  I am even more inspired to continue learning about and implementing the Metabolic Approach to help more people survive this terrible disease.  We can help them become more than a statistic.  We can help them thrive!  Now if you will excuse me, I still have homework to do…

Michelle Rojas, MD
Family Practice

I can not express how extremely thankful I am to Dr. Nasha Winters for putting together such an excellent mentorship opportunity on the impact of the “terrain”  on cancer treatment and outcomes. The course delivered with  passion, backed by medical science and her personal expertise from treating  and consulting on thousands of cancer patients for more then 25 years is extensive and well worth the time and financial investment. You will find the information and resources useful in assessing and addressing your individual patients. My patients though few in number so far have found the process informative, useful and empowering as they navigate through the cancer process. They want to refer friends and family. My issue has been in finding the time to fully implement this process into a busy practice not focused solely on cancer. I have been in practice a long time – 35 years. My patients are getting older and facing cancer. My heart aches for them as I see the fear, confusion and often hopelessness when given the diagnosis of cancer. Until now I had very little to offer them. My reason for taking the course was to better support and empower my patient as they go through this process. This course has given me the tools to do this. There is a lot to master and I am glad for your continued support in this process. Thanks Dr. Nasha and team and God bless you all. Keep teaching!!! I believe this will become part of all oncology programs in the future.

Erin Holston Singh, N.D.

No matter the staging or type, cancer is an overwhelming diagnosis for both the patient and the practitioner. Dr. Nasha has created a proven and sensible process that incorporates traditional holistic medical systems into the literature-backed side of modern-day scientific research. Using her approach to learn the terrain patterns of the various cancers the public is facing today and matching them to the history, background and assessments of our patients, we now have an effective methodology that allows us to stabilize even our stage IV and terminal patients.  I am so grateful for having found Dr. Nasha, with her thorough integration of conventional and naturopathic approaches alongside therapeutic clarity and answers. I believe that Dr. Nasha and her team have truly figured it out! Now we have to build an even bigger community of doctors to take these methods to the next level, as the current era of medical tyranny by the allopathic pharmaceutical paradigm is driving worse and worse outcomes for the general public. I highly recommend this course!”


The mentorship training with Dr Nasha has been life-transforming on many levels. She has put together a masterpiece of her 30-odd years of life-learning and experience, which she now generously shares. It has opened a whole new world for me, both personally and professionally—providing options and ways forward in recognizing disease patterns, thereby enabling the elimination of core issues from the root to maximize health. Dr Nasha’s work is truly bringing into being a vibrant new paradigm of health and wellness.

Melanie Gisler, DO
Integrative Family Physician

I am so grateful to Dr. Nasha and what she is spreading! The Metabolic Approach to Cancer should be included in every medical practice! Dr. Nasha is one of the most heart centered, brilliant physicians I know. She is leading the way in the much-needed change to the same old paradigm of cancer treatment and medicine worldwide. The information in this course is transformative for not only all of your patients,
friends and family but for YOU.