MATC Graduates

Graduates of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Mastermind
The following practitioners have successfully completed the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Physician Mastermind training program.

Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi
Dr. Dagmara Beine
Kari Best, PA-C
Kelly Busby, DO
Dr. Mark Carney
Doreen Destefano, DNP, NHD, APRN
Dr. Petra Dorfsman, ND, CNS, IFMCP
Dr. Steven Dudley
Dr. Chris Duhon
Dr. Martha Evans

Dr. Nina Fuller-Shavel
Dr. Melanie Gisler
Dr. Derek Guillory
Dr. Laurie Herscher
Marvin Hershberger, ND
Dr. Erin Holston Singh
Micah Jackson, PA-C
Dr. Sara Korsunsky, BSC, ND
Dr. Jane Langridge, FCMA, MIFA, AHPR, CERT ED
Dr. Jenny Levin

Dr. Alyesia Lukach, ND
Dr. Lauren Mathewson, ND
Dr. Maria Pinzon,
Dr. Miriam Rahav
Dr. Jade Robins
Dr. Michelle Rojas
Dr. Svetlana Silverman

Dr. Deborah Kennedy, ND PhD
Dr. Jessica Tran, ND
Dr. Kirsten West, ND, LAc, FABNO
Kimberly Williford, MS, FAARFM, NMD, RD
Jade Wimberley, ND
Dr. Niki Young
Edit Zelkind, PA

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