Join the Terrain Network and become a Patient Advocate

This is for Individuals taking a terrain-based approach to their health journey and inspired to support patients and advocate for them.


Who should enroll?

• Individuals passionate about helping people change their journey

• Individuals who are passionate about changing the future direction of healthcare

• Individuals who are motivators and problems solvers

• Individuals impacted by the BOOK, ‘THE Metabolic Approach to Cancer’ who see the value in helping others

Course Details

• Begins July 15th, 2021

• Online Self-Paced
– 1 year access to network andcourse material
– Course can be completed in aslittle as 4 months

• Each lesson will have a quiz

• Each course will have an exam

• 5 Courses with approximately 40recorded lessons—content curatedand created by Dr. Nasha andshared by Dr. Nasha and others

• Includes a 1-year membership to the network

Course Overview


• What is a patient advocate?

• Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct

• History of Cancer

• Cancer 101

• How We Get Cancer

• Strategies for Change

• Integrative Medicine

Assessing the terrain

• Test

• Assess

• Terrain Ten

• Lifestyle Changes

• Mental & Emotional

• Pathways & Cancer Types

• Recognizing Patterns

• Toxins

weeding the terrain

• Lifelong Soil Nourishment Strategies

• Adaptability & Longevity

• US Food Pyramid

• Metabolic FoodPyramid

• TherapeuticKetogenicDiet & Fasting


Nourishing the soil

• Maintaining AHealthy Garden

• The Tool Shed

• Treatment Therapies

• Hospice Care


• Weeding the Terrain

• Continued Training & Development

• Optional: How to Start a Business as An Advocate

• Optional: Supporting Practitioners


Build a career as a Terrain Based Treatment Certified Advocate

Support Terrain Based Treatment Certified Practitioners

What are the most valuable takeaways?


Empowering your clients to implement the Metabolic Approach to Cancer and create a healthy Terrain

Therapy Implementation

The tools to educate clients on how to implement therapies into their everyday life

Terrain Tracking

Teach clients how to read and improve their labs


Tools for implementing life changes and educating on all aspects of a healthy terrain

Health Practice

How to create a business as a Terrain Advocate

Commonly Asked Questions

Some individuals want to take this course as an extension to the book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, this course will give them the tools and empower them to take their health journey into their own hands. Some will want to use this to help patients on their health journey. Those students will be encouraged to build relationships with our network of physicians to begin consulting with patients.

Since The Metabolic Approach to Cancer was published in 2017, the wait list to consult with Dr. Nasha, as a patient, was over 12 months. Dr. Nasha knew she had to begin teaching physicians to help support the millions of people struggling but within 6 months of offering doctor to doctor consults, the waitlist also encroached on a year out. Last year she embarked on the physician training courses which has been a huge success. For the physicians who have graduated, they are already overwhelmed with the demand. We now have a need for advocates, that can be the bridge between the physician and their patients, to implement the doctor’s approach.

No, you just need to have a passion for the Metabolic Approach and terrain-centric framework

Yes, it will give you the tools to work with individuals who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and need help implementing

Yes, absolutely the course will include tools for building your own business and provide guidance on how much to charge as an advocate and how to work with the physician’s offices.

This course is focused on helping patients implement strategies that will stick with them for life. Working hand in hand with the doctors to ensure the patient is empowered for success. You will be educating patients on how to read their labs, how to implement their doctors terrain-based therapies and so much more.

Metabolic Health Experts & Instructors:

Dr. Nasha Winters, a global health authority in integrative oncology has been on a personal journey with cancer for over 29 years. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into one that supports others on a similar journey. Dr. Nasha travels the world to explore integrative cancer clinics, vet cancer protocols for research projects, speak at conferences, and train colleagues to help them apply metabolic approaches with their patients while working to establish the first and only residential metabolic cancer hospital in the world. Her mission, along with her team of experts, is to change the standard of cancer care and prevention.

A drug design chemist by training. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, taught college level chemistry, managed environmental analytical laboratories and founded Colorado’s 11th cannabis analytical testing laboratory.

Janet’s passion for health and wellness coaching has been fueled by her own personal experience with health challenges as well as the desire to assist her clients to create impactful change in their efforts to get healthy. Her well rounded education as a coach, includes the Comprehensive Evidenced Based Coaching program at Fielding Graduate University, Health Coach Training program with Epidemic Answers, CDWF, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, based on shame and vulnerability research of Brene Brown and Metabolic Health training with Dr. Nasha Winters. Her training and many years of experience in the health and wellness industry, has provided her the tools to empower individuals and families in transformative change for vibrant health and a balanced family life.